Above is the area put aside for our new clubrooms. The area used to be a cricket practice area

The completed frame seen from the front entry The back end of the main clubrooms
A view of the front entry to the clubrooms, with the large trailer storage seen at the left in the photograph. A view of the rear area of our clubroom compound where the BBQ area will be located.
Our brand new clubrooms are still under construction, with working bees on-going to complete them. The story of how the club got to this stage is covered in our history section. The clubrooms consist of a main building 40 feet wide and 70 feet long, with a meeting area including video/DVD facilities, kitchen area and toilet facilities at the far end. Beside this area is located a 1900's Victorian Railways Guards Van which will contain the club's extensive book and magazine library. Attached to the main building is a three car garage sized extension which holds the club's two covered trailers, which are used to transport the club's portable exhibition layouts. Located at the rear of the building, seen in the right photograph above, will be an outside entertainment BBQ area. From this area, you can over look the northern area of the Bulla Live Steam Park, where large scale locomotives give rides to the public on set days during each month.


At left are some of the club members preparing the walls to take the large sheets seen laid on the floor. As well the electrical and security wiring is being installed. The folded yellow cafe style umbrellas are to go in our BBQ area at the rear of the clubroom compound. We do look after ourselves!


Once the interior of the clubrooms starts to take shape, more photographs will be posted.