Like nearly all model railway club's throughout Victoria and Australia, the Sunbury Model Railway Club holds an annual model railway exhibition. These exhibitions have several objectives. Firstly, it helps promote our wonderful hobby to those members of the public who attend, secondly it is a great way to attract new members to the club and thirdly, it is the main way of  raising funds to help run the club, build and maintain it's clubrooms and build new layouts that are displayed at our and other club's exhibitions.

At left is part of our 2004 Exhibition with everything in place ready for the public. The doors are about to open on two full days of running trains, answering the many questions from the public, doing your turn at the front door and making everything runs as smoothly as possible so the visiting public really enjoy themselves.

Below are other photographs from our exhibition, as well as a copy of the exhibition hand-out guide.

Stand 1  SCRATCH BUILDING DISPLAY Sunbury Model Railway Club.

A variety of materials and construction techniques will be demonstrated by Sunbury Club members, on how to produce railway models of varying prototypes and scales during the show. All questions are most welcome, as well as questions about the club.


Stand 2   POTPOURRI - Adrian Hoad

If you look at the layouts at this exhibition you might think I could never build anything like that, then start with something smaller. Although my little layouts need the skills that are required to build the big layouts they cost a mere fraction and can be finished in a short time. Any layout building skills you dont have at the time you start will be developed during the building of the mini layouts.


Stand 3   PEARCE MINIATURES - Doug & Rick Pearce

Doug and Rick are experts at creating, casting and painting white metal figures, especially in O scale for us model railroaders. They are also specialists in military figures of all eras. They will be only to happy to show you their superb figures. They also specialize in custom design and casting to your requirements.



Eric and his staff carry all types of model railway supplies including hobby kits, hobby tools, scenery materials and ready to run models. They also specialize in the Victorian Railways prototype.


Stand 5  KUTTERS KOVE - Scale On30 - by Ken Hughes

Kutters Kove is a freelance layout based on a small village located on a inland lake. The main industry being the mining of sand, which is transported by rail in small open wagons, pulled by small 0-4-0 and 0-4-2 locomotives. As well, there is a weekly passenger service. The second industry is the small fishing fleet and the weekly ferry service, which supports the other small fishing villages along the lake. The layout is a single piece module designed for public showing and is a walk in walk out type layout, with little set up and pull down time. It is operated by one operator at any time.


Stand 6  BROAD GAUGE MODELS - Brian Chester & Max Miller

Manufacturers of fine scale Ho locomotive kits. Watch these fine kits being assembled and see the finished models kits are available through B.G.M. or your local model railway shop. Brian and Max will be happy to fill you in on their full range, as well as how to build their excellent Ho and O scale locomotive kits.


Stand 7  STREAKY BAY - Scale On30 - by Laurie Green

The town of Streaky Bay is located in south western Alaska, and is the head quarters for a 26 narrow gauge railroad that serves the small communities along the coastal inlets, as well as the logging and mining industries high up in the mountain valleys. The layout features scratch built, highly detailed structures, back ground sound effects and commercial locomotives and rolling stock. This layout shows what can be done with a larger scale in a small area. The layout is the size of a normal door.


Stand 8  THE ART OF THE DIORAMA by Grant McAdam & John Hunter

Dioramas are a great way to build and display models, especially structures, as stand alone displays or before they are added to a layout. Dioramas are an excellent way to try out new modeling, scenery and scratch building techniques, in a very focused and inexpensive way. On display here are some 1/4 to the foot scale hand built structures and dioramas. We are here to answer and demonstrate the many and varied techniques that are used in building these dioramas. If you have any questions, please ask.


Stand 9 NARCHUCA - Scale On30 - by John Hunter

Narchuca is a freelance layout themed around the Echuca wharf located on the Murray River. The layout has some interesting features such as atmospheric sound and lighting. This small diorama style layout is still a work in progress. John is always available to answer any questions about the layout and its construction.


Stand 10  BRIGHT / EVERTON - Scale HO - Sunbury Model Railway Club

This layout was built by the members of the Sunbury Club especially for display at public shows and features hand built track work that depicts these locations and accurate scale buildings that where found at these two Victorian railway stations. The many trees around the layout were also built by the members. The locomotives and rolling stock seen moving around the layout belong to the members, with many of them scratch built.


Stand 11  RAIL N THUSIAST - 680 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Ph. 9890 6364

Ian and his dedicated staff cater for the first timer as well as the serious modeller and specialize for those interested in the American prototype, in both Ho and N scales. They carry a large range of Kadee, Athern, Con Cor, Kato and Micro Engineering products. Everything you need, including advice, is available here.


Stand 12  LALS-RHUSE - HO Scale - Built & owned by Geoff Truman, John Cracknell, Kevin Hartley, Ken Hughes, Roger Love and Trevor & Andrew Truman

Lals-Rhuse is based on the Victorian Railways double track mainline Melbourne to Bendigo and the now single line Geelong to Ballarat. These lines have very distinctive bluestone structures Station buildings, goods sheds, lamp rooms and beautiful arch bridges both over and under the railway. You will see typical trains hauled by VR diesels C class, X, B, S, T, and steamers R, X, C, etc. The layout is built to and on the Sunbury M.R.C. On30 module standards with a lower back scene. This will enable other members to add to the layout.


Stand 13  BYGONE ERA PHTOGRAPHY - Ray Rowe Ph. 9744 7008

Welcome to Bye Gone Eras range of photographs. Check out the large array of Aviation & Railway photos of a bygone era .If it is not displayed please feel free to ask if we have it or can get it for you. We also specialize in digitalizing photographs. Please enquire about our prices per size



This display shows the very high standard that can be achieved in the hobby. The models and dioramas seen here are either scratch built, assembled from a kit or a combination of the two. The photographs are all railway related and show a different aspect of the hobby.


Stand 15  L.G.B. ASSOCIATION - 1/2 inch to the foot scale (Garden Gauge)

These very large model trains are always a great crowd pleaser, especially with the kids. Usually found out in the garden, this scale is becoming extremely popular. Seen here are locomotives, rolling stock and structures which are a combination of out of the box models as well as some totally scratch built models. Always really popular with the kids.



A.R.P. has been set up to photograph and record all forms of railroad history in Australia. Our aim is to provide the railfan and historian alike an affordable way of obtaining photos of their favourite railway locomotives, rolling stock, buildings or scenes. Please pursue our display in the hall and discuss your needs. If you have any requirements of any railroad photography, either in Australia or overseas, we will be only too happy to oblige.


Stand 17  DRIWROTT & SONS SAWMILL - An O scale diorama by Laurie Green

This O scale model sawmill contains a fully detailed, lighted interior, which features fully scratch-built saw machinery, including the log haul winch, log saw carriage, two bladed rip saw, cut off saw, edger and rollers. There is also a fully detailed maintenance and saw sharpening area. All the machinery is run via an overhead pulley system, powered from a steam boiler and two cylinder mill engine. The model took over a 1000 hours to build.


Stand 18  SATURDAY MORNING SOMEWHERE - Scale HOn30 - Terry Dunstan

This layout is a ficitious town, somewhere in Tasmania. It is late on a Saturday morning when all the folks from the surrounding areas have come to town to do their shopping. There is still a small crew working the saw mill and a minimum number of workers running the mill. The layout is built on a large door with fold down legs.