Our 24tg model railway exhibition was again held at the Memorial Hall in Sunbury over the weekend of October 28teh and 29th, 2007. It was a great success with loads of people through the door, many quality displays, great food by the wives and girlfriends of the club members and a tremendous atmosphere.

Below are photos of the displays at the exhibition, plus the description from the exhibition handout. Below that are the very high quality models entered into the modelling and photograph competitions.

STAND 1    DINGO CROSSING - John & Lyn Cracknell - Scale Ho

A freelance branch line somewhere in Southern Australia, when the rail system was upgraded some branch lines were closed. This one was taken over by some locals, they run mainly mixed goods and rail motors and some passenger trains. All locos and rolling stock are cast off's from govt. systems. The line has been improved and is paying it's way, which the govt. said it could not do, but give people what they want and they will use it.

STAND 2a    CANNIBAL CREEK   -  Laurie Green  -  Scale On30

Most logging companies wanted the big trees to log, and the McPhee Lumber Co. was no exception. The area of "Cannibal Creek" with its large trees was ideal. This scene features many large hand made trees and scratch built logging structures, and shows what can be done with a larger scale in a small area.

STAND 2b    THE ART OF THE DIORAMA with Laurie Green and Grant McAdam

and LOCOMOTIVE and ROLLING STOCK construction with Allan Curtis and Nathan MacDonald.


Dioramas are a great way to build and display models, especially structures, as stand alone displays or before they are added to a layout. They are an excellent way to try out new modelling, scenery and scratch building techniques, in a very focused and inexpensive way.

STAND 3  VICTORIAN HOBBY CENTRE  - 21A SWANSTON STREET, MELBOURNE  Phone 9650 4317 - Eric Sujecki - vichobbycentre@bigpond.com

Eric and his staff carry all types of model railway supplies including hobby kits, hobby tools, scenery materials and ready to run models. They also specialize in the Victorian Railways prototype. Advice is freely given. 

STAND 4      AUSTRALIAN RAILROAD  PHOTOGRAPHY   Dave Marr    Ph. 9354 3894

A.R.P. has been set up to photograph and record all forms of railroad history in Australia. Our aim is to provide the railfan and historian alike an affordable way of obtaining photos of their favourite railway locomotives, rolling stock, buildings or scenes. Please pursue our display in the hall and discuss your needs. If you have any requirements of any railroad photography, either in Australia or overseas, we will be only too happy to oblige. 

STAND 5     STUMPY CREEK  -  Dan Pickard   -  Scale On30

This layout is a fictional logging layout set in the 1900s and depicts a busy sawmill operation near a growing township. Thick forests and tall timbers are a feature  of this layout, dwarfing the narrow gauge railway below. Many mini detailed scenes will keep you looking for more. This is Dans first exhibition layout and shows what can be done with this large scale in a small area. 

STAND 6    BROAD GAUGE MODELS  - Brian Chester &  Peter MacDonald

Manufacturers of brass and white metal kits of Victorian and South Australian steam locomotives. We have produced to date the following locomotives A2, N/750, K, E, Y, D3, and Na of Victoria and the 700 class of S.A.R. We will demonstrate the assembly techniques of these kits, Kits are available for sale (if in stock) also low melt solder / organic flux.

P.O. Box 214,   Lara Vic 3212         Phone 03 5282 4611         Fax 03 5282 4633. 


When you look at a real locomotive its size strikes you as big, with some dirty and some clean. On the front and sides there are some special letters and numbers. These letters are a way of identifying the type or class of locomotive, while the number identify its number in that class. On Victorian Railways locomotives these number plates are made of cast iron and are very heavy and have been in use since the 1890s. Jim can make you any number plate to order and is happy to discuss the procedure on how they are made


STAND 9   RAILTOWN -  John Humphries   -  Scale Ho

Railtown is a small fictional town somewhere in rural Victoria. The layout is 10 feet by 4 feet  with all the buildings, rolling stock and locomotives available from good hobby shops. The track and points are manufactured by PECO with the rest from various manufacturers. The trees and bushes are hand made from twigs found in the garden and covered with Woodland Scenics products. This is an easy layout to build at home and would fit into a spare room. 

STAND 10      THE BEECHY  Members of the Sunbury Model Railway Club - Scale On30

Built in O scale and with a track gauge of 26 (16.5 mm), this a modular layout, with the club owning several of the modules, and with members building and owning the intervening rectangular modules. This freelance layout is loosely based on the narrow gauge railways that once were found throughout south western Victoria. It is not based on any particular location, but attempts to capture the atmosphere of the period, and to allow the members to advance their modeling skills. 

STAND 11   RAIL N THUSIAST  -  680 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills.     Ph. 9890 6364

Ian and his dedicated staff cater for the first timer as well as the serious modeller and specialize for those interested in the American prototype, in both Ho and N scales. They carry a large range of Kadee, Athern, Con Cor, Kato and Micro Engineering products. Everything you need, including advice, is available here. 

STAND 12    SWEETWATER PACIFIC  -  Rob Wallace  -  Scale N

The layout is set loosely in the northwest of America. It is not set in any particular time period which  allows the operators to run their favourite railroads, from modern BNSF, CP  to the 1960's Southern Pacific. DCC is used to operate the trains.

STAND 13   MURRANBILLA   -  Eltham Model Railway Club  -  Scale Ho  -  9718 1163

An HO scale Victorian based railway, "Murranbilla" is on a busy single mainline, serving a medium sized town in grain growing country somewhere in South-Eastern Australia. The yard has facilities to service grain, livestock & general goods, while the station serves passengers, mail & parcels. Construction of the layout is modular, with largely hand made track, using  code 70 rail on copperclad sleepers, giving maximum flexibility in design, particularly with pointwork. Scenery is conventional model railway practice, using a combination of hand made and commercially available products. Our latest addition is the farm scene on the embankment end. We will be running a variety of trains from Victoria and interstate  representing many periods of Australia's past and present.

STAND 14    BYGONE ERA PHTOGRAPHY  -  Ray Rowe        Ph. 9744 7008

Welcome to Bye Gone Eras range of photographs. Check out the large array of Aviation & Railway photos of a bygone era .If it is not displayed please feel free to ask if we have it or can get it for you. We also specialize in digitalizing photographs.

STAND 16     L.G.B. ASSOCIATION   -  1/2 inch to the foot scale  (Garden Gauge)

These very large model trains are always a great crowd pleaser, especially with the kids. Usually found out in the garden, this scale is becoming extremely popular. Seen here are locomotives, rolling stock and structures which are a combination of out of the box models as well as some totally scratch built models. Always really popular with the kids.

STAND 17   REAL TREE  G Scale - Terry Dunstan

Real Tree is, as the name suggests, a small garden exhibition layout with real trees and plants. The ground cover is redgum chips, the ballast is bluemetal and the road is gravel.  Holes are cut in the base to let the pot plants hang through.  The station is a wooden base covered with polystyrene (meat trays), and the two other buildings are made from cedar sheets cut into planks. The roofs on all buildings are aluminum.

STAND 18    OZE MOUNTAIN MINE and JACKS CREEK -  Adrian Hoad  & Betty Wake

The Oze Mountain mine produces a product which is full of goodness. This ore is mined , loaded into wagons that transport it to the ACME factory where it is processed into a delicious brown paste that can be spread on toast.


This stand has for sale pre-loved model railway locomotives, rolling stock, books and magazines and other good stuff. Have a hunt through, you might find a real bargain !


This display shows the very high standard that can be achieved in the hobby. The  models and dioramas seen here are either scratch built, assembled from a kit or a combination of the two. The photographs are all railway related and show a different aspect of the hobby.

Some of the many excellent photographs of train related subjects. This is a very important aspect of the hobby because it records for history the many and varied locomotives, passenger cars and rolling stock that have travalled our rails, both locally and internationally.